I figured to begin we could skip the “Hello World” and just jump right into the good stuff. My name is Clay, and I am an educator turned full-stack developer. As a former educator, constant learning is paramount, and I cannot wait to share all that I am learning in subsequent posts. For now, I figure to introduce myself to you through the lens of a project that I have been working on lately: LinkTank

First, a little background. LinkTank is an idea that Warren Cook, Andrew Scofield and I developed for our final project at Covalence Coding Bootcamp in Birmingham, AL. We wanted to create something meaningful and community driven that would be of practical use for high school and college students. Through our collective experiences as students, educators, and coaches we noted that often times people are eager to get involved with community service, but struggle to find information about where and how they can volunteer. Not only does LinkTank solve this problem, it takes extra steps to provide a social networking component that allows for relationship building between organizations and volunteers, event creation and management for organizations, and event sign up and time tracking for volunteers. Our goal is to provide a streamlined process to link volunteers and community service organizations together.

Below is a tour and summary of LinkTank and its features, as well as some notes on the future of the project.

Home Page

LinkTank Home page

The goal of the home page is simple: Convey what our service is, who it’s for, and how to get started. We wanted the design to be inviting and simple with a sign up button in the hero section of the page as well as on our navbar. Just below the hero is the explanation for how to use the site, followed by an about us section and a form at the bottom of the page to contact us. In addition to the basic layout, we also used Animate.css and Wow.js to create scroll animations for the content on the page.

Organization Profile Page / Create an event

LinkTank Organization Page

Profile pages for organizations and volunteers contain a lot of the same info: Avatar, Personal Info, Upcoming Events, and Past Events. Organization profiles, however, also have event management buttons that allow them to modify an existing event in addition to seeing a list of volunteers currently signed up, and, as pictured above, the ability to create and publish a new event.

User Profile Page

LinkTank User Page

Similar to Organization profiles, User profiles feature tabs for upcoming and past events, avatars, and general information. Also user profiles include buttons to show detailed information for a user’s upcoming events as well as a helpful “Send Regrets” button to notify the organization if said user is unable to volunteer at the event due to some unforeseen circumstance. The big red button on the bottom brings up the list of all upcoming volunteer opportunities.

Event list and how to volunteer for an event

LinkTank Events Page

The all events page is exactly what it sounds like: a page that lists all upcoming events and associated information in a given area. When a user clicks the volunteer button a confirm box pops up that asks if the user would like to continue viewing events or return to their profile page. And after that, all that is left to do is to actually show up for the event and serve the community.

That is the broad overview. Obviously, LinkTank is a work in progress that we are committed to improving in the next few months. At present, we are undergoing the tedious task of refactoring a lot of code before adding additional features such as interfacing with the Google Maps API, and adding a badge/reward system to incentivize volunteering.

Please view all the code at https://github.com/lclaytont/linktank. if you are interested in contributing please fork the repository and send a pull request. This project is based on community involvement and we are open to work with serious collaborators.